IRC Advantage

Technical Assistance Services

IRCA has embraced the philosophy that “one size does not always ‘fit all,’” as it relates to providing technical assistance (TA). With the aforementioned understanding being a key area of focus, IRCA considers its understanding of the client’s specific requirements, its operations, culture, processes and procedures to identify targeted TA options best suited to provide maximum impact for the client’s organization with minimal interruption to the client’s operations. Therefore, IRCA utilizes the results obtained from needs assessments and/or gap analyses to ensure that the recommended TA solutions are not only proven, but will withstand potential immediate changes that may arise during or immediately following delivery.

IRCA charges its team of TA experts to remain educated and trained regarding best practices associated with their specified topical areas of expertise (e.g. technology, tobacco, transportation, education/training, program implementation, etc.) for the consistent delivery of targeted TA within the client’s organization. Further, our team of experienced TA providers are passionate about providing 1:1 and group-specific TA that is not only unique to the client, but also evokes action and/or positive change.

Currently available methods of TA, coupled with our experience in utilizing a wide range of TA resources, have allowed us to effectively deliver specialized/tailored TA services to clients with notable “wins” experienced by our clients for more than 16 years.

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